Do I persist with this girl?

First post here so here goes. Have been going through a real crap separation for the past 15 months. Has really done my head in. Anyway, recently I finally decided to look at putting myself back out there. There is a girl in another department at work who I quite like and, after sending her some flowers on valentines, asked if she wanted to go out for a drink one night, telling her that there was no pressure to have to say yes.
Told me she was definitely flattered but no. Asked if that was ok to which I replied no problem. So, for someone who has been out of the dating game for 12 years, do I persist or let it go? Pardon my ignorance in advance.


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  • You definitely let that one go, particularly because she's a co-worker. Persistence is a funny thing because it's appreciated and rewarded sometimes, but at work is not where you want to test those boundaries. If this were an online dating thing, then a little persistence is often a good thing but not here.


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