I think my beat friends brother likes me But how do I ask or bring the conversation up without making things ocword if he dose not?

It not like we have a choice in not seeing each other if it dose not work out I still want to see his sister


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  • side note:god your spelling is horrible lol
    OK but seriously it one of those things that you should approach the situation with caution as you could, worse case scenario, lose both of them if it ends up not working out. You should hang out just you and her brother by yourselves a couple of times and see if anything comes from that

    • Ya I know. I have given up on my spelling along time ago

      My friend and I have been friends for 10 year now so I'm optimistic that nothing will get in between that but at the same time it's one thing I am really worried about
      There mom is realy crazy (like crazy crazy) and I can handle hear but what I can't handle is loosing my friend we have been though so much together.
      On the other hand if k do end up married to hear brother she would be the perfect sister in law lol

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  • If it doesn't work out, you might lose a friend..


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