Do guys realise after rejecting a girl?

I used to stare at a co-worker and always liked him. He probably got hinted and insulted me one day. It was a mere rejection obviously. I felt terrible. He never apologised or said sorry. We both work at a same department. Initially we used to talk but now we hardly talk. We only greet each other whenever we come in contact. Now I often observe him staring at me - whenever I am smiling or sitting at front of him (such that he doesn't know I've observed). I know he doesn't like me or want a relationship with me. But why would he even look at a girl's sight whom he turned down already? I am sure he isn't regreting either.


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  • It's part of life. Some people will body slam you down and some will let you down gently. He probably is looking at you because he may be reconsidering it. Who knows the reason. Could be a lot of things. Don't let him get to you. Plenty of fish in the sea

    • I am sure he is not reconsidering. This makes me wonder why he stares at me.

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    • @ahson I have already forgiven him before he even asked for it. Because this defines me as a person. When I began to like him, I never bet for him to be always 'goodie goodie'. I respect the fact that he doesn't like me. But I do feel hurt for I never deserved to get insulted.

    • indeed you didn't deserve to be hurt for liking someone. and it's his loss considering how nice of a person you are. truth be told you should consider yourself lucky... if he's like this to someone who just liked him... imagine what he'd be like in a relationship.

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