Guys, what do you think about a girl telling you that he has never been in a relationship or kissed anyone before?

Guys! I'm 19 and have never been in a relationship. It's something that I like to tell a guy early on like on the first date or even before. I'm not sure how you guys feel about that! Do you care? Do you not? Do you like girls who have been in many relationships? Would you rather no experience or a lot of experience?
  • It doesn't matter to me that she had never been in a relationship or kissed anyone. That's not going to affect if I like her or not. It will allow me to be her first and thats special!
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  • It would be weird for her to tell me that. It does't bother me at all but I rather her not tell me
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  • I like to know about a girls past relationships
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  • I don't like to know about a girls past relationships
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  • I don't see why that'd be any problem. If you have chosen not to kiss or date anyone that's your choice it shouldn't bother a guy. In fact it might even pull out in your favor

    • Cool thanks! Do you think guys will find it weird if I want to tell them this? I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time if they don't agree or aren't on the same page and understand/respect me

    • From personal experience haha I can tell you that when a girl told me it was her first time on a date and she hadn't had her first kiss it didn't faze me one bit. So by all means tell them! I mean honestly if they have a problem with it then they aren't worthy of that first kiss anyways.

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