Do you think this relationship can work?

They guy I'm dating lives about an hour from me. He mostly works the weekends and I work Mon-Fri. I don't drive and both of us are temporarily living with parents due to personal reasons. We're both planning on moving out this year (not together, as only been dating 3 months) but we both plan on moving to the same city. I usually see him once a week when he drives to my town and we have an evening together, and on the odd weekend I go up to his town and we book a hotel.

We spent a nice weekend in our closest major city seeing his brother perform in a band. Anyway, I really like him and we both want similar things but I just wish I could see more of him. I hate it when I can't see a person I like less than once a week, and sometimes we don't see each other for 2 weeks. I can feel myself slowly losing interest because of this.


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  • Honestly no I don't so. Some people say absence makes the heart grow further but I don't think that's true it's the opposite for me more.

  • it can work, if u want to to work. of I could only see my boyfriend once a week cause he lived an hour drive away then I would make the time that I did get to spend with him worth while. The time would be more precious as you don't see each other much


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