I know this might be my fault i am just so confused. I have been married for years went through a tough divorce and been out of the dating game for a while. I met this guy we had instant connection ( more sexual) we kissed the first night ( i haven't been kissed or touched in so long i had to) than we texted for a whole week. He constantly asking to see me. The next weekend after he invited me to a dinner party with his family and friends. I got there so late i missed it. We went up to his room and i was so uncomfortable but still ended up having sex with him out of lust. We went to breakfast the next morning and he called his parents on face time and was talking about me starting on the pill im not gonna lie that kind of scared me. i was gonna be busy the next day so he told me to call him he's gonna be waiting for my call. i called and told him i was gonna take a nap he's like call me when you get up i texted him caus it was late he just said good night, then after that its ME whos been texting first or calling he did ask me to come over Sunday i told him i can't, i know i have been kind of distant myself and showed him i dont want anything serious which i DONT i just wanna f*ck buddy to have fun with and respect but now i am not sure what he's thinking yesterday he didn't text or call today well see but now im feeling so uneasy :( I AM not gonna instigate the conversation i need to know what he might be thinking guys?


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  • My God, why do you care what he thinks? You answered your own question with this "I know I have been kind of distant myself and showed him I don't want anything serious which I DONT I just wanna f*ck buddy to have fun with and respect". If that is your prerogative then have at it, otherwise- quit playing games.

    • maybe he lost interest after sex so early i dont know. i just dont understand all these mixed signals. maybe he's just not interested or is playing games ( hard to get) he's been texting me everyday but now it stopped :/ i barely even now this guy im not heartbroking i guess im trying to find some kind of validation. Maybe he's feeling the same way as me. he wants to back of and see if im interested i dont know i hate this

    • That's the problem. You're the one sending mixed signals, why is so hard for people to be upfront about what they want in a relationship. If all you want is sex, there's nothing wrong with being up front about it, there are millions if not billions of other guys guys out who want the same thing. Either go find someone on the same page as you, or keep doing what you're doing and stay confused forever.

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  • Ask him if you are dating or just f*ckbuddies

    • I wanna know if he's not interested or just playing games. I have a hard time taking rejection

    • The only way to know for sure is to ask him

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