My mom is forcing me to "find a guy." but the guys I keep meeting are all terrible?

I've met three guys recently. Two never wanted to take me out on a date. Obviously just wanted a friends with benefits thing. I didn't. The other guy we were getting to know each other, everything was going good, he asked me out on a date then all of a sudden he switched. Cancelled the date, didn't reschedule, makes mostly flirtacious comments now & keep asking me when he's gonna "see" me. On top of that I have my mom telling me, "oh my goodness can u ever just go on a date? You're in your 20's!" It's not easy finding a guy that even wants to take me out on a date. Much less date me. I think it's funny how the younger I was guys wanted to date me. It annoyed me that a guy in his mid 30's was STILL on that friends with benefits bullshit. So how do I deal with meeting only shitty guys AND my mom telling me to go date? Like, I am trying but it's not easy out here. I don't think the problem is me. From the GET GO, the last two guys wanted me to come over their house and "chill". I don't approach these guys and I do NOT act thirsty for a relationship either.


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  • you'll find a perfect guy, you're just 18-24. Tell her not to force you into everything


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