She cheating on her boyfriend with me?

I met a girl. And she told me she is in relationship for 2 years and half and she love him and he do, but she cheated on him with me few times. What i should do? i dont want to be that asshole guy who fuck a 2.5 years relationship


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  • I am sorry you helped her cheat and don't want to hurt the guy? I am confused here, you want this girl and feel bad for taking away from the guy, is that why you feel bad?


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  • I'm not being critical I just want to give you the best advise. Does she really love him? Why did she cheat? Did she pursue you or did you pursue her? Tell me what happened and I'll tell you what you should do

    • She do love him i think she cheat because he is bad in bed and she did pursue me

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    • Should i tell her boyfriend what she doing to him? He is realy nice guy

    • That would be the right thing to do yes. He may scream and yell but just take it. Don't react. It'll help the healing process. Apologize

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