Should I just go for it?

There is this girl who I've liked and been hanging out with for a few months now. I've told her I like her about a month into our friendship. I was rejected and she told me I'm not her type. Months went by and up untill recently her attitude started changing towards me like she feels much closer to me, we have been hanging out a lot more spending more time together etc. My issue is I'm not entirely sure if she has found intrest in me now or if im just in the deep friendzone. My sister and friends say she is definitely into me now and i should just ask her to be my girlfriend tonight when we go out. The only thing holding me back is the fear of ruining our friendship.

If someone can give me a bit if advice or insight that would be great.



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  • Been there a million times and have successfully escaped the friend zone several times. Tell me more. When you said her attitude changed what do you mean. Do you cuddle? Does she get upset if you take a while to respond? Tell me everything

    • Well the first thing I noticed was the hugs. When i first met her she was very against hugs, mainly with guys. Outta the blue about 2 months ago, i invited her to come do her hair at the beauty salon my family owns, she got along with my sister and my mom really well everyone loved her, after she was done i walked her to her car and ahe offered hug, it surprised me a bit because i never expected her of all people to give me one. the next thing I noticed is she started to like spending lunch with me in my car, she talks to me a lot more comfortably than before tells me more personal stuff and what not. At time starts touching and or feeling up my muscles in my car, at about this time i started to realize that something changed with her. I tested the waters abit with little comments like" Im gonna be single forever but you never know mayb for some miraculous reason you fall for me. The universe works in strange ways." And she just replied with it "It does"

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    • Hmm. Wanna text me? 8594012750