Why do some girls show obvious signs of interest, yet they play hard to get when you show the same signs back?

A girl used to smile at me and touches me all the time, when I started doing the same she "thought" that I became so in love with her. Little did she know that I was playing it cool. Why do you think they behave in such a way


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  • You're not worthy if you're easy to catch

    • hmmmmmmmmmm

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    • 😂 okay. But remember women are the emotional one. So if I play with her feelings like say banter or say things to get in her skin, she better not say I'm mean or rude. Lol. Just play along. Lmao!

    • Hm... So you're telling all women are the same?

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  • Girls has this I don't want to seem some type of way. What with seeming slutty, needy, clingy, too mean, too aggressive, sounding like a fool, or any of that.
    They over think stuff way too much and we as guys has to deal with it.

    Remember those
    " do I look good in these jeans?" Type questions.
    " yeah, you look amazing."
    " Awe so you don't like it. Just say it!"
    Then her feelings get hurt cause she think she's fat.

    • Yes this is true. However, they do get slutty until I try to get slutty then they react negatively. It is like they are the ones who want to determine where will this relationship go. smh

    • Yup. Hit the nail right on the head. But what can we do. Sadly.

    • yep :(

  • Truth: Women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear

  • Yeah you have to constantly act slightly more disinterested than her, it's annoying as shit but that's business as usual.

  • It's better to repeadily hit yourself in the head with a hammer then try to figure the mind of a women.
    Both have the same results.


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