How Can I Be More Forward?

My girlfriend is very flirty and fun to be around, but I feel like she would be quite happy to go faster than I'm going. As an example, she was my first kiss. However, SHE asked me if I'd kissed before, then SHE was the one who made the move. She's also the one who initiates most hugs and the like.

I see all these couples who are passionately kissing after the first few weeks, and while our kisses are longer now, I don't think I'm "forward" enough :P.

Any tips on how I can move faster? I would never wanna push her too fast, but I'm almost positive that she wants to advance in our relationship faster than I am (not that I don't want to move faster).


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  • 1... don't move faster just because you see other people are. that is not the way to go about things.

    2. certain moments can make a relationship go to the next level . ( take her out on a nice movie date or something)

    3. making out is not that big a deal... fun... but not a big deal. if you do move to the next leave just make sure your BOTH ok with what ever you do.

    you kids have fun!

    - use condoms ahaha

  • Realize that when yall are kissing/making out she always has the chance to stop you but if she doesn't keep going test you limits...and don't be shy or scared she is your gir she will understand just let her know you respect her and all is well.


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