Should I talk to her again?

In the past, I was obsessed with her. Furthermore, the more I was around her, the more I wanted to become a better person than I already was. It was a complete disaster. I was so self conscious and self critial that it make me very insecure about myself, and my obsession make me look like I was desperate to her. I feel she never really got to see who I really was. In the end, I was kept singing the sad old song to her about myself, and kept giving her things and telling her that she was awesome. Eventually, she hung out and talked to me less, and then we stopped talking overall. We never got into a relationship in the first place, but it still really hurt. She wasn't a perfect person by any means, but I still see why I liked her in the first place. Everytime I see her, is still hurts so much, even to the point where I thing I might throw up. I have turned my life around though. I now have an exercise route, I meditate, I am back on a schedule, I think I am not obsessed with her like I was, I am focused, I am more confidence about myself, and I feel like I am in a better mindset that I was. Overall I feel like I can finally open myself up, even to the point where I afraid of before. I know there is this playful and creative side to her, but because I was weak before, I never got to show her that I also have a side of me like that. Should I give it a try? What to you think?


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  • Okay, man. I was curious if you are still studying in high school or not. But that question doesn't matter.

    1. You reminded me of my fiance. And it makes me tear up (emotional).
    2. He felt that similar way but I started to ignore him for many reasons.
    One reason, is because I was cheated on. Second reason, is because after I got cheated on I felt scared to fall in love again and get hurt so many times. Third reason, is because I don't want to break his heart neither if I ever lose feelings for him. I don't like breaking people's heart but I once did to my ex girlfriend. She loved me so much that to the point she found out I'm engaged... it broke her heart.

    3. Take it easy but I believe you should give it a GO! Just don't be too awkward and I know you can do it. Be yourself and have confidence no matter what she says that may affect you in many ways whether bad or good.
    4. Always be positive.
    5. Talk to her more. Get her interested in the conversation.
    6. And as soon far... you can ask her something you want to ask. For example: blah blah blah... So... are you free tomorrow? Would you like to go get coffee? Do you want to get some snacks with me?
    7. Just be chill, fun, exciting, interesting, friendly, and kind. Keep things real.
    8. Also, check her expressions. She might be interested or not interested on whatever you'd tell her or if she doesn't want to be bothered.
    9. Good luck!

    • If you want to know, I am in high school and I am 18. Its my first time with this sort of thing and its been an extremely different experience for me. Thank you for your advice. If you don't mind I have another problem that I would like your advice on. Its been around 2 months since we have talked, and the last time we talked it didn't end on a kind note. How should I approach her?

  • well try hitting her up see how things go. take it EXTREMELY SLOW keep your guard up because her tolerance is probably low for you since she slowly cut you off. hopefully things work out!!

    • Its kind of been three months since we last talked, wouldn't it be awkward? Furthermore, the last conversation kind of went pretty badly. Do you think I should still just talk to her like nothing happened?

    • three months jsnt long enough and if things didn't go well the last time i'd wait it out or move on. let her come to you. i think its the only chance you have at the moment. don't act like nothing happened because then you'll soon think so too and then everything is going to come crashing down again.

    • Its been six months now with no email back from her, do you think she will ever talk to me again

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  • I think you should try it because if you don't you'll be asking yourself what if what if what if. You don't want that. Be confident, be happy, be bright! All good things that will make her fell happier about being around you! Your story sounds like mine a bit so I kinda know how you feel, but chin up and be happy and you'll look a lot more attractive :)


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