Guys will keep asking me to hang out and when I finally agree to it they don't follow through? wtf?

So I have noticed a recent trend amongst the guys I date. I am an incredibly busy person and I can't do the spontaneous are you free want to hang out kinda thing (not even a booty call but like earlier in the day) but the guys I date seem to do that a bunch of times and of course I will say I am busy and then over to reschedule and when we finally set a date they won't follow through. One guy didn't text me on the day of and the next day apologized because he was busy.. another guy was going to take me out to dinner and then I never heard from him and the final guy when I tried to set a specific time never even texted me back.
What could I being doing wrong here? They act SUPER interested and are basically texting me 24/7 and saying how much they want to see me until it all comes down to it.


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  • These guys all have other girls on the cards at the same time, if you can't work to their schedul, someone else will.

    • That makes sense but that doesn't explain why they would beg me to hang out with them and then disappear when I finally agree to it.

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  • you from?


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