How did you feel about your significant other before you started dating?

To be a little more specific how did you feel about your significant other when you were in the the "talking" period? I ask this because nearly all the guys that I've talked to I'm just not feeling like that but I do give everyone a chance. I thought maybe some of your with successful relationships became more comfortable with that person during the relationship and my method of going about things is wrong.


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  • I was head over heels for him. But like, convinced he was just toying with me and that I must be misinterpreting what he was saying/doing because there was no way someone like him could like someone like me... and I just about died when he accepted my invitation to homecoming senior year of high school and almost for real died when he brought up us being official (about 2 hours into our first date lol)

    And... here we are, 5 and a half years later... getting hitched. And I still can't figure out why someone like him would want to be with someone weird like me but I'm not asking questions because maybe he'll never figure it out lol


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