Cooling off after the first date?

I met this guy online. We talked for hours on the phone twice before our first date. It was a great date. We ended up sleeping together, and it was one of the most intimate, passionate sexual experiences I've ever had--- including with men I was actually in relationships with. Now, after a couple days, he's hardly texted me at all and only once first (before I had the chance to text him first). He was perfect on our date, but now the texting is making me worry that he doesn't like me after all. Is the texting thing nothing to worry about or is he cooling off from this?


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  • He's cooling off probably. I would advise you to stop texting him for about 2-3 days. If he texts you first during that time, then he's still interested.


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  • maybe don't have sex on the first date.

  • It could be a number of things. It could definitely be that he isn't interested anymore and maybe that's all he wanted from the situation. But its kinda common for guys to pull back a bit after a first date or when first flirting and in that phase when you both seem to be really into each other.

    Ultimately its a way for him to look vulnerable if he texts you right after, and its a way for him to gauge how much you like him. Basically, he may want you to take the lead and express interest so he knows for sure... Its really hard to say. If he really likes you he will text back. I think he's probably having second thoughts.

    • Probably having second thoughts or just cooling off. Either way just focus on something and don't text him for 2-3 days like someone else said

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