I'm not Snapchat best friends with my girlfriend anymore. Will she be hurt?

We were each others best friend on Snapchat for months but have been seeing each other more in person and snapping less. We had that double red heart for a couple months and just lost it. I'm now best friends with one of our mutual friends, a girl if it's important. She's no threat to my girlfriend and I think she knows this. Is this a big deal and will she be mad or hurt?


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  • Is "best friend" status something you choose, or something that the app automatically assigns?

    I don't know how the whole thing works, but honestly, the idea that my boyfriend is communicating (in any way) with another girl more than he is with me would make me feel a little weird. Especially if red hearts are in any way involved. But I've been scarred by past experiences, something that I'm still struggling to overcome, so I may be a little more paranoid than I should be.


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