Why is his ex girlfriend doing this all of a sudden?

Hello :) there is guy that I graduated with from high school about 3 years ago. We never talked in high school but who knew of each other and a few months ago he messaged me on Facebook and we started getting to know each other. He eventually admitted that he always wanted to talk to me in high school but he was afraid to. We've been seeing each other since late October and I've met some of is family and friends already and I am with him usually 1-2 times a week if we can.

He dated a long time friend for a while after we graduated from high school and from what I know it was a toxic relationship and they broke up about a month before he reached out to me. He has had her blocked on Facebook and everything and she and I were on each others lists because we went to the same school in the past (we were never friends or talked but we knew of each other).

Long story short yesterday I went on Facebook to notice that I had one less friend and that she had blocked and deleted me. I'm not bothered by it it is just strange because a few hours ago I go back on Facebook and she sent me a friend request from her secondary account and I added it then deleted again real quick because I felt weird about it. From your experiences what could this mean? Why would she block me on Facebook then go to lengths the following day to try and add me again? I haven't told him about this by the way and he hasn't brought it up either. Thank you :)
More answers would be very appreciated <3 thank you


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  • In my opinion she was curious on who her ex is dating to kinda see his "standards". Also, probably she blocked you cause she was annoyed by the fact that her ex found a girl but she hasn't found a guy? or it could be many many other reasons on that accord. She sent you a friend request a secondary account probably cause she still wanted to see how you and her ex are doing but not with her actual true account. Hope i make sense lol


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  • Apparently she Knows about you and her Ex, which is him Here, dear, and which is the Only explanation I can come up with is why she Pushed a Button from a "Secondary Account," which she is Not Supposed to have from the Start.
    You were Wise to Block her, for she knows Something now and Somehow it will only Lead to Pattern Problems down the Path Which is the War Path. xx


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