Girls, How do I Break Ice?

So I've had this glarring issue for myself. I have a hell of a time starting conversations with girls. I honestly love spending my time with women more than I even do my guy friends but s far as being able to get dates or even have fun meeting new girls I just can't seem to say the right thing. In facr Im barely able to say anything. It's like there's nothing going on in my head when I go to approach someone. I can say "hi" but there isn't much more I have after that and conversations become really awkward or creepy because my mind just blanks. I don't feel nervous, I just go blank.

I'm 29 as of 10 minutes ago and I'm getting tired of this. I really want to meet a special, loving woman who I can spend my life with. Single at 29 is unacceptable in my opinion. It's not what a man does. Any real man would walk up to a woman and just break the ice and say anything. Saying "Hi" just doesn't work. It doesn't fit every situation. I need more.

Thing is, this pains me. I love the company of women, And I want so badly to meet a woman who can become a partner, I mean heck even just someone I can have a blast with.
I'm told freuqently by girls that I'm handsome, cute, funny, etc. But when it comes to being a man and starting a conversation, Im relatively worthless. I'm active, intelligent, am finishing my first year of grad school, and in every other area of my social life I'm told that I'm highly personable but here it isn't working. I've only been able to get dates online, and have only had 3 girlfriends. The rest have been terrible dates with women I'm just not attracted to. I've begun to wonder if Im still alone at 35, if I should end it. I dont want to be single at 40, it's disgraceful.

What do I do? What do I say? What things do you girls find funny? What are good ice breakers? Concrete examples would be nice.


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  • Compliments and questions. About anything. Talk about the surroundings. A guy got my number once I'll tell the story: in line at the grocery store checkout. He makes it obvious he's trying to look in my cart. So he immediately gets my attention but not in a creepy way. He asks what aisle I found those -whatever it was- I tell him. Then he asks what I'm cooking with that. Then asks if I've tried the dish at this restaurant. Then says he'd take me there. Then gets my number. very nice respectable gentlemenly way to start a convo. Have a game plan to guide the convo but don't read off a script. Volunteering for something that requires you to talk to many people is good practice. You have to practice good conversation and communication. It is a skill and think if it as something you need to master. Don't think if talking to a girl as a scary thing you can't get it together to do. Just say to yourself. I want to know more about this person and I'm going to ask. The worse thing that could happen is she tells you to fuck off, but you won't have that problem because you are nice and polite and a good catch. Most people talk to other people.

    • That's a good idea, I like that one.

      Yeah women have been tied to danger and pain in recent years. I always used to be severely underweight and girls used to kick me in the nuts in a game they played. I've also had them micromagae and mock every little thing I said. I wonder if it was actually with merit now or if it was just to be mean. Had a roommate in undergrad who tried to slice me for not having a girlfriend either, that didn't help.

      Any other ideas? I liked that grocery one.

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