Dose this mean he likes me but dose not want things go go public?

So my best friends brother and I wear holding hands (while we wear watching a move with friends the other day) he was also poking me and teasing me a lot but he still has not asked me out
1. Dose he like me but dose not want to go public?
2. Was It stupid move for me to let him flirt the way he did with out committing?
3. Any more thoughts you have one the situation would be gratefully accepted


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  • 1. need more information, but maybe he not quite sure what he wants yet.
    2. poking you where? other than that teasing and poking each other is harmless fun.
    3. I would ask what do you think of him? Do you find him attractive and that why you want things to be clear before you make a move.

    • 1. He is my friends older brother so that might have something to do with it but I have given him a lot of clues that I like him but maybe they are not big enough?
      2. he likes to poke me up and down my sides and get in my personal space. That I don't mind
      it was just the holding hands part. Maybe holding hands has more significants for women then men?
      3. I like him a lot I not only think he is cute but we have quite a lot in common I could say more but I would probably bor you! 😉

    • well I'm willing to talk and listen but it pretty late for me so if you want to talk about this later I am totally willing to listen and talk.

    • 1. Exactly so he may be asking your best friend about you also. Some guys you have to say it outright or they will never get it.
      2. Well you two were holding hands while watching a movie so I don't see how that would of been such a big deal. now if you to wear in plan sight of everyone and still holding hands then I could see why that would be a big deal.
      3. whatever you want to tell me I am open.

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Yes he does like you in some way.
    2. Send him an e-mail telling him you're interested in more than secretly flirting, and that if he isn't interested in more, you'd like him to stop.


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  • You are concerned that he held your hand without committing?

    • Yes
      It probably sounds funny to you but I come from a conservative family that and I tend to over think things lol

    • You should wear latex gloves next time just to be safe

  • yeah, he wants everything hidden

    • Is there a way I can change that
      Without me being the lead in the relationship?

    • yes, show him the backdrops of not being public

  • sounds like he's a little shy


What Girls Said 1

  • *were
    1. Yes, he likes you.
    2. Nope.
    3. Nope.


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