I can't seem to move forward with this girl?

There is a girl and she's fucking fantastic. We tried getting something going a year ago but it failed, I tried going all in while she was more cautious and wanted to get to know me better before getting serious. We were friends for the past year until some bitch caused some drama between us, I, being a very reactive person, acted like an asshole to said girl. I realized my mistake and apologized. I still had feels for her, and decided to tell her how I feel. We came to a mutual agreement that we should get to know eachother better and become friends before we try a relationship. I try to hit her up now and then but the conversation quickly dies and I don't know how to move forward with her.


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  • She's probably not attracted to you, no girl who finds a guy attractive and is your age is going to say they need more time on their own accord. You've known her for over a year and she's still saying that you should get to know each other better? Wake up dude, that's bullshit. The conversation dies quickly because she's not interested in you.

    Right when I meet a girl whom I find attractive, I show her that I'm interested and see how she responds.. If she's not interested, I move on. That way I don't waste my time with all this friends first crap, it's not real. You'll end up 2 years down the track still 'getting to know her' meanwhile some dude comes along who she has just met and gets with her and you'll be left wondering what the hell happened.


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