Why is he protective of me?

I'm dating this guy. He is 11 years my senior and he keeps displaying protective behaviours when we are out together. We mostly hang out when it's dark outside and I've noticed that he keeps holding almost every door open for me and then he lets me go first and when I need the toilet he will walk me to the nearest cafe with a toilet and wait outside until I get back out.

one time we were both crossing the road and a car pulled out and he reached his arm out towards me and seemed concerned.

Another time at the end of our date there was a drunk couple being rowdy and loud near me and he told me to stand near him

he also waits with me at the end of our date until my bus gets there and then leaves after I get in the bus

when he drives me back, he waits until I get inside the house before he drives off

he's always asking me if I'm ok when we are outside walking together or if I'm cold

why is he protective when we are out together?


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  • He is just too sweet...

    Well he cares about you and just wants you safe

  • I dont know how many times i had read this? Got nth to post or sth?


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