What should I do when I feel lonely and sad for being single when all my friends have boyfriends?

I'm 14 and all my close friends have boyfriends. Whenever I'm hanging out with them and they're talking about their boyfriends I always feel left out and ultimately lonely by the time I get home. I have, over the last few years, had many strong crushes on guys that I wished would be more. I'll talk to them, but I'm not always subtle about the way I feel. I also had really bad acne in the past, So I feel like that scared them. I've really been trying to clear up my skin, but it's genetics. Either way it kinda of upsets me. What should I do? Is it normal for me to feel this way?


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  • being single is better than with a wrong company... coz jerks or wrong boyfriends can screw up ur life...
    to be on the positive side, just think that ur boyfriend is on the way, he is getting some treatment of moulding, understanding and adjusting with ur expectations. soon he is gonna knock ur heart.
    nothing is permanent in life. this loneliness is not meant for ever. soon it's gonna change.
    u will understand the reason y u r alone now while u r in a company with ur boyfriend.
    don't worry about acne or other shit. beauty is not in the skin. its in the heart. the lovely words that u speak. the joy that u pass onto others. ur attitude and way of life reflects ur beauty.
    the person who adores all these will be in true love with u until the end of ur life. other trespassers will walk away.
    life is short to enjoy.
    so live happily with what u have.
    everyone have their own journey. domt compare urself with others n put u down...
    u r born great. u r born to succeed. great statues would have been nailed a lot... If u shed tears now probably God is polishing u to be a brilliant gem.
    I pray that u will be a gem. stay happy...


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