Girl has conflicted feelings after crazy night?

it was our sixth date and as usual: intense making out, smiling the entire time, and she even ran into some of her friends and wanted to hold my hand in front of them to let them know I'm hers.

After we we left the bar after only having one drink, we began to make out intensely. We entered the lobby of her apartment building and began touching each other below the belt, under the pants (she was incredibly turned on). We totally lost track of time and where we were, passionately making out, throwing each other against the walls, and touching one another. Alas, she did not invite me upstairs to finish the deed.

The next two days she was distant and not responding to my texts. Eventually, she called and told me she was conflicted about her feelings for me, being that they're so intense. She said that she's incredibly attracted to me and likes me a lot, but when she's experiencing such intense emotions, she tends to shut down and needs space to process them. She also said she's not confident in how she looks and not confident with her body.

whats up with her?
SHe also said she was afraid of being hurt.


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  • She got caught up in the rush and excitement of it all and is now thinking its a bit too good to be true. Therefore, she has thrown up objections for herself:
    1. She is not body confident.
    2. She doesn't want to be hurt

    Solution: Ask to meet up to discuss things face to face. Tell her that you really like her and would like to make progress on the relationship but understand her limits because of what she said. Ask her if she wants to just date but not make out to see if that helps things.
    If she agress, great. If not, tell her thanks for the honesty but its time for you to move on. She will balk at that but unless she is prepared to meet you halfway then leave it.


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  • Make her comment for table with her body kiss every inch of it very slowly. Show no part any more attention than any other.


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  • You just answered your own question- she is really scared of being hurt and needs time to process. (I'm like that too, I shut down and run away) Good news, she is expressing herself to you. If you really like her, let her have her time and do your best to assure her that you won't hurt her. She may not believe it, its hard for women like us. Best thing to do is let her talk and really listen. That's all we really want is to be heard and understood

  • I think she explained herself quite clearly.

    • Yes maybe, but what should I do? Allow her to just ignore me like that?

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    • Ha. Yeah, but I even told her that it hurts me when she ignores me like that and chooses not to communicate. I'm not going to change her... she's thirty years old. I think she's acting like a child.

    • I don't disagree but this is the way she is. Take it or leave it.

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