Girls, Dating advice, please?

So here's the scenario: I meet the girl at work in October. She barely gets hours back then, but I always made her laugh and was attentive to her when she needed help getting her shoes or clothes (I work in a shoe retail store). I also made some good compliments that shocked her in a good way. A few months after she started working, she told me her birthday. I decided to use this to ask her to celebrate her birthday before her birthday two weeks or so because she wasn't scheduled to work. Since then, I've gotten the chance to just take her out once every week. She was always happy to see me and she said she likes it when we go out. By the second date, I've gotten her number and she texted me first the same day for the second date. I made sure to give her the space she needed and didn't smother her. We had our third date a week after the second one. Everything seemed to be fine until they moved her to work at a different store. We haven't seen each other for 3 weeks, and barely texted each other. I took her out again for Valentine's day and everything seemed fine. I may have ruined it with a poem, I'm not too sure. After the dinner and movie ended , especially after giving her a rose. I asked her when she was free again to go on another date and she told me she'd have time next week. When I texted her the week after, once on Friday and the other on Saturday no response. I'm wondering if I should wait another week or so just to check how she's doing, maybe asking her out again a week later to check up on her again. We've both been busy with things. I can't tell if she's using me or not. I move slowly, all we did was hug and no kissing.


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  • It seems like she's not interested anymore or a spark in you relationship has been lost you guys should sit down and figure out what is wrong with your relationship and help each other fix it.

  • maybe she's not interested anymore


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