Checked my gf's phone, and she's been talking to another guy and she suggested getting coffee with him?

So my girlfriend has been acting weird as of late, and I checked her phone when she wasn't looking asnd she's been texting another guy behind my back and deleting the messages, he last exchange was from the guy asking if she was available one day and she said probably then suggested 'we should grab coffee!' To which the guy agreed and said that would be awesome. Now when I confronted her she said she'll cut off contact but I'm not sure, does she like this guy? Is she interested in him?

wouldn't it be easy to mention me and that you'll be busy with me? The guy thinks she's single for petes sake.



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  • She is planning on fucking you around plain and simple. She is actively going out of her way to converse with and delete messages she has held with this guy and is planning on seeing him behind your back. I suggest you start a little game playing of your own. Go in tinder and get a girl's number then leave your phone unlocked...


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  • You shouldn't have confronted her, you should have ditched her. That was your mistake. She's shown you she is not loyal, not to be trusted, not worthy of being a girlfriend and yet you are still entertaining being with her.

    Guys, STOP BEING WEAK, stop being afraid to walk. If a girlfriend disrespects you and breaks boundaries of trust, stop putting up with it. This is already over but you will discover this soon enough and you will wish you ditched her.

    • Nice answer! Whoever you are, you are spot on with your opinion!

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    • Hey man, help?

    • Most probably she is into him. Why else is she texting him? If she stops texting him, keep a good look out in case some other guy comes along.

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  • she's fucking interested

    • Unfortunate choice of words...

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    • Maybe the guy wasn't the one, or something was missing. She will just keep an eye out for another guy that ticks the boxes.

    • @Truthatanycost is there any chance she might assume he's not all that interested in her?

  • Are they just friends maybe?

    • Yea... must be why she deleted the text messages...

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    • @Truthatanycost Ok I get your point but I'm just trying to see if there's more to the story 😃

    • Tough crowd🙄

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  • Dude you need to have a sit down face yo fave talk to her about this relationship and working it out depending on her reactions you should be able to find out if she really did want to do something else with him

    • So you think she's attracted to him? Is it a big deal if she was the one suggested getting coffee?

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    • @Truthatanycost hey you there?

    • Discussing this further solves nothing. It's time for action. Either do something about it or don't. You are now falling into the trap of obsessing over her motives which is a complete waste of emotional energy. It's time for action.

      Guys really need to stop being afraid of walking away from unhealthy people or relationships. Nothing is more important than our self esteem and self respect.

  • Kick her ass to the curb. Next time she will just be more discreet and there will be another guy.

    • So for sure she was interested then what kept her from fucking him?

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    • Hey man, can you answer my questionsv

    • When he asked she should of said no I am not available, that would of proven loyalty and love if you two are at that point.

  • What are you asking exactly?
    At what time the bus aimed for #fuckthatshitville is leaving?

    • So her suggesting = her being interested?

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    • Why else do you think she would do that?

    • I don't know, what would she do if she wasn't attracted to him?

  • Get ready for the worst, bro.

  • So i coonfronted my girlfriend of 5 yeRs last Saturday when i saw a message Friday night and Saturday morning on her account on instagram.
    wasn't anything bad really but more of her telling another guy, who was married, a few years older, that he looks great and repeatedly asking if he missed her.
    I noticed he wasn't entertaining her from her advances but her just being flirty.
    When i confronted her she was totally embarassed, as i stsrted talking she knew what it was gonna be veacuase you can't tell the guilt coming over her face.
    She was deleting messages just from him and no 1 else.
    Basically long story short i concluded she had some sort of crush on this guy and put herself in that situation.
    What is worse is that things were amazing in iur relationship and she did this.
    She promised never to do it again and to be honest she never has given me a reason ti doubt her.

    Its coming up to almost a week, and its been hard to forget. Every moment im not with her i think she's talking to him. Wvery time she's on her phone i think she's talking to him.

    I think it depends on how much you cade for her and from what u already know from your girlfriend.
    Friends and people will say all things but at the end of the day, your the one who knows her, or at least thought yoy did well.

    So either forgive and move on, and the feeling of uncomfort will will linger for god knows how long.

    Or let her go and prepare yourself for the days/weeks/months of trying to get over her.

    Wt the end of the day. It happened, especially when it shouldn't have or thinking it would never.

    Its up to you to decide what u want to put yourself through.

    Good luck Pal

  • And you haven't left her yet?

    Slow guy.

    • So she's definitely interested?

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