What do I do with this girl I like?

I have strong feelings for this one girl at college. We have very similar personalities, and have somewhat of a friendship going. She has shown signs of attraction (blushes, touches her hair a lot while talking to me, is smiling most of the time while speaking to me, laughs at my worst jokes). However, this is the part where things get sticky...
I've been in a number of relationships before. And every time, I've been the victim of sudden break-ups. Every girl I've ever gotten close to has left me hurt. I'm not calling any of those women beasts, however. They had their reasons to leave, and some were more solid than others. The problem is the mess that I've been reduced to after they had forsaken me (sometimes for other men). I haven't gotten close to any woman (barring one, who, surprise surprise, left) since my previous relationship ended a year ago. Heck, this is the only female I talk to nowadays.
I really like this girl, and I really feel she's different from the rest of the women I've been with. However, I'm scared of two things:
1) getting hurt again
2) she turns out to be an amazing woman, and I end up hurting her because of my paranoia
I am in dire need for answers, because I'm exhausted of thinking of all the things that could go wrong if I go through with it. So, what do you say, ladies and gents? Do you think I can be a viable boyfriend for this woman? Should I man-up and spend more time with her, eventually asking her out?


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  • You're getting too nervous! Relax a bit! So, how are things between you and this new friend of yours? How long have you both known each other for? Ask yourself these questions and you should know what I'm talking about. Not all women are the same. Not everyone is going to hurt you. Again, there goes this saying, You can never clap with a single hand. If you think you're willing to make things last between you and her, then you should ask her out. But before that, give it a little more time and know if she too is willing to make things last. Hope this helps since I'm not even sure if I made sense here !

    • The most detailed and helpful advice I've gotten so far. Thanks for putting in the effort. Your advice has definitely made a difference :)

    • Haha, you're welcome mate! 😊

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  • wait another week, see if she's still interested and if she is ask her on a date and see how it goes. If it goes well you should ask her out because you need to see it all before you get it.

    • I will give that a thought, thank you :)

  • man up and ask her out.

    • Seeing as you're the most senior person to reply to me, I'm inclined to believe you.

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