Why does he stop replying mid-conversation when he is the one who messaged first?

I met this guy on a night on and we starting messaging for a bit and invited me to hangout with his friends one time and we ran into eachother in campus another time. Then he asked to have coffee after that. It went well and he messaged me the day after to invite me to hangout again. So overall it seems like he is interested and nice but the problem is, and this happened 3-4 times, he messages me, we start talking then mid conversation he doesn't reply after reading the message. This is making me think that maybe he isn't really interested. Because he is mostly online as well so its not like he doesn't use facebook often or smt. I dont wanna seem needy and be like "hey why aren't you replying to me" etc but I dont know how to deal with it. Does it mean that he isn't really interested or why is he doing that, should I say anything, and if so what should I say?


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  • He probably loses interest


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