Guys, Why wouldn't he introduce me to his family?

So I'm dating this man that I'm 10 years older. He has told me he has never had a serious relationship he mostly was just someone's fuck buddy. He's introduced me to all his friends (his friends have said he has never had a girlfriend that they are happy I'm getting him to do so many other things outside his hobby and sitting at home playing games) we've known each other for over a year and dating for 8 months and he's met all my family but I'm 100% sure his has no clue I even exist. Is it because he doesn't care or love me or is this difficult for most men to do? Is it my age that makes him embarrassed of me? I thought being introduced to friends was a big thing for guys to do so I want to think I'm special to him.


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  • Seeing how he has had fuckbuddies and not a serious relationship I think he is just wanting to make sure this is serious enough and will last long to make it worth introducing someone to his family. 8 months isn't really that long. Some people like to wait a solid year or for holiday to roll around. Just be patient.

    • So not an age thing or being embarrassed? Just taking his time to figure things out?

    • I don't think so. Maybe if you was 20 years older then maybe.

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