What does the ex fling want?

Why would an ex-fling who did not want me and moved on with somebody else stalk me online with fake Facebook accounts? She did this a couple months ago but I cut her out of my life in April.

She kept telling me she didnt/couldn't commit for 3 years and then got upset when she went through my phone and I was talking to other girls.

I know it was Sher because she asked me questions about herself and why we don't talk anymore. Even mentioned something specific she did with me.

it sounds far-fetched but I even begin to think she made another account to poke me and when I message the person they did not respond


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  • Maybe she loved you and misses you, being human can be an emotional experience and people treat break ups differently. My advice is to move on with your life and add better privacy settings on social media. So what if she makes fake profiles, cries herself to sleep or displays pictures of you on her bedroom wall?
    What matters is how you react to this and at the moment it appears you're struggling to cope, reaching out to the internet for advice. Only you can end this contact and that means setting up better settings on facebook, blocking out unwanted messages or contact.
    If she continues to contact you then ask her to stop otherwise you may report her to the police for harassment. You do have options on the table to give you privacy but at the moment you don't seem to be using them.
    Judging by the way you speak about this girl, it sounds like you're not yet over her. You're currently at a crossroads and it's time to completely forget about her and move on or start talking again.

    • You are right. Well I believe she owes it to to reach out to me directly and apologizing after strkngjgn me along for so long only to judge. Me for talking to other girls. Then after to give someone else a chance at happiness with her.

    • Don't think she loved me though she would have just taken me seriously but every step of the way she had a reason not to commit to me. School, past breakups and being hurt by guys, religion, etc

    • If she doesn't love you then move on, the ball is in your court. At the moment you sound like a song on repeat, playing the same tune again and again. You came out of your mothers womb alone and one day you will die alone, it's important to not get caught up in other peoples business or whether or not they care about you.
      All what matters here is that you take full control of your life, you take the remote control and move on. Stop giving other people power to your feelings, you are in charge. Good luck.

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