He keeps checking in with me but not talking much?

this guy I've been talking to for a while. After a few months and only 2 dates we both decided we were just too busy for anything. The last time we tried to get together I had to cancel and I think he was annoyed. I stopped initiating talking to him because I felt bad and that he thought I was playing games with him. Now we never speak. Every once in a while he will text me about something he saw on my fb. Or just say hey and nothing else. Like when I changed my pic to my new car he messaged me asking if I got a new car and I said yes and he replied "that's cool, I'm happy for you." I said thanks and then he hasn't said anything else. I can't see him so I feel like I'd be leading him on if I start talking to him as often as before. Some times he has talked to me all day then nothing for weeks and I think he's moved on then he'll do the one or two text checking on me. What's he doing and what should I do? I don't mind being friends until we are able to actually see each other more.


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  • Hey may be shy, or there may not be much fireworks between u two, so the conversation may go south

    You're not doing anything wrong or leading him on. If u want to answer his texts, do so. If not, keep it moving


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  • He is shy


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