Will he contact me?

So I met this guy on tinder last Monday and we went on two amazing dates with this guy. Kissing, holding hands, cuddling and he talked about wanting to do more stuff together. He is 39 and told me he is looking for something serious. Our second date was on Saturday night and messaged me Sunday and we texted back and fourth. I texted him on Monday to see if he wanted to catch a movie on Tuesday and he has not texted me back. He has disappeared. Should I still wait or just right him off?


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  • Give it a bit more time. Could be many reason for no response yet. Anything from just being too busy, out of town maybe or something wrong with his phone, dead battery. Or, maybe he simply hasn't got the message. I've had people text me before (and vise versa) and for some unknown reason, not got the text until a day or two later!! For some reason, didn't go through right away.

    Another possibility is you're moving too fast? That's a lot of activity for one week with someone completely new. But it also sounds like you two really hit it off! So, don't be so quick to just "right him off". Give it a bit more time.


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  • Tinder Is not a match maker Algorithm. I ended up Shagging Two of my aunties Friends, Had No Idea till i ran in to them at a cafe. Its powered by Facebook social Vertices 3-4 Degrees of Separation.

  • Right him off, when someone cares, they will always find a way to get a hold of you or find time for you. Time is precious don't waste it waiting for someone who only makes you an option.

    • Tinder = Casual discreteness in a similar camp with Ashly Madison than RSVP and E Harmony, 10% Maximum Emotional Investment just enough to Enjoy the Fornication etc and not enough to be. left a weeping mess, watching most likely a Hugh Grant movie. Tinder. He might of been busy Grinding on Grinder Apparently it yields faster outcums. lol

  • Wait
    at least for this week
    He'll be back with a reason


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