Eastern European Girls can you advise?

So I met this girl from Eastern Europe, she likes me, but plays hard to get and I mean real hard, she's so strong willed, I know the man must work to prove his love due to cultural norms and I am trying to do that but she's not giving it up easy at all, she's so damn clever , for example if I get mad that she's ignoring me and don't just accept it, if I try and fight back she fights back harder, she's not happy for me to control the relationship and the more I try and do so the more she pulls away.

usually in western countries, the relationship I have had with them it's obvious the women are less strong willed and entering a relationship kind of feels easier you could say, but this girl is so beautiful, and in all honesty, i love the chase it kind of gives me purpose in life, but can you tell me how long this difficulty will last?

My cultural norms tell tell me not to consistently chase a girl if it makes life that difficult, but they are quite a distraction and this kind of sentiment is disheartening as I don't believe it is relative in this situation, I do feel a little bit stalky even though I shouldn't, it's just the culture I am from doesn't encourage relentless pursuit of women

so if anyone with understanding can give me advise that would be great :)


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  • "it's just the culture I am from doesn't encourage relentless pursuit of women"
    I recommend you forget about your culture if you're going after one of our girls. Get your "charming caveman" on and don't stop. Nothing good comes easy. She is testing you how hard are you willing to fight for her. Show her you're not a wimp. Trust me, if she's not easy, she's worth it.

    • Yeah that's what I suspected, thanks for that advise

    • I had to woo my ex daily for almost three months until she finally gave in. We were together for four years. If she doesn't like you she will definitely show you. The fact that she hasn't shown you the door means she's waiting for you to show how much you want her.

    • It's great to hear this, in England I feel that I would get a restraining order lmao, I am wooing her but could have f*cked up by losing cool and getting mad , well she's still around and gives me the subtle signs , so I hope it works out as long as I don't losing my cool and expecting her to come easy like most western girls, but this advise will help with that.

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