How to get over a guy who found someone else?

UGH!!! I'm so frustrated rn. I really liked this guy I was talking to but I have an issue of pushing people away (I have anxiety). So he found someone else and now their dating. She's pretty, athletic, etc... and I feel very self-conscious. What if she's smarter too? My grades are average and I'm pretty sure she might be smarter and better than me :( I hate seeing them together too and I'm so lonely. I have nobody


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  • You sound like my best friend the way you type haha! I think it's important to note your under 18 sooo you and I are both super young and guess what you have like a good 65-75 years left to find someone lol. Trust me there's SO many guys out there. Just when you think you've ran out of people a new guy randomly appears! It's also important to realise you can't force anyone to fall in love with you so you just have to put effort in and make sure effort comes from him too, don't go searching for love cause tbh it will find you. If you go searching you will end up forcing things and/or being too clingy. And my last point is try going for personality over looks cause you'll find a real nice guy who respects you and cares about you ❤️ Ps how I got over a break up was having sex with lots of other people... but I don't encourage that (it works tho) cx good luck girl

    • Thanks :)

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    • I'm 17 too girl :) I went through this crazy slut phase where I had sex with everyone but tbf it taught me a lot like that sex isn't the same unless it's with a person you love. Anyway, just cause u don't have a guy it doesn't mean u should feel lonely, what about ur friends? Go out for dinner with ur friends/family? Go see a movie with ur fav cousin? Go shopping with ur big sister/mum? Ask to book a week away to your favourite city or beach resort with the family. Boys are fun sometimes but there's SO much better stuff in life too 😘

    • I guess that's true too, thanks

  • Try and distract yourself, spend time with family


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