How long is an acceptable amount of grieving time?

I've noticed in several online dating profiles guys have started posting how long it's been since they divorced/were widowed. How long do you think is the best length of time to allow to not be setting myself up for a guy that is only going to use me for a rebound? On one hand I like the honesty they are showing, but on the other if it's been less than a year it makes me pass them over.

I'm asking a general idea. I get that it's an individual thing, but what amount of time would give you pause when seeing it.


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  • 6 months to a year I think


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  • Kind of an individual thing. At least a few months in those cases, but for some people it might be years or never. Depends on their emotional intelligence.


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  • There's no time honestly. It really depend on the person and if they have kids too.

    • Depend how long they were married. Usually when they were married for a very long time, they generally only want to have hook up.
      If not I would say around 3 years to be totally over it. (after they were officially divorced, it can take years to be officially divorced if none of them agree of the terms).

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