Do I need to tell this guy I don't want anything serious?

I matched with this guy on Tinder, we soon start speaking everyday. Conversation got pretty heated before we met but dirty talk was always initiated by me. We met at a pub for drinks, got on really well and I invited him back to mine. We had sex, talked all night, he ended up staying over and we cuddled probably more than I felt comfortable with on the first meet but whatever (he was very affectionate) we've met up twice more and we hung out and chatted for a good few hours before doing anything and cuddled again. We speak everyday and he always messages me first, sometimes I'll stop replying and he'll always message an hour or two later and then again the next day. I definitely want this to be a friends with benefits type situation but we haven't spoken about anything like that. Do I need to tell him that? I didn't think I did but my friends are saying I should tell him, I just assumed that it was obvious to him. I wouldn't even know how to word anything like that. Opinions?


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  • Yes you do. Communicate clearly as soon as possible to avoid uncomfortable situations. Now how to put it in words; tell him: listen, about us, I want us on the same page regarding what we have, for now I believe that we should stay in the "friends with benefits" stage, I'm sure you knew that by now... but just wanted to be clear with you.
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  • It sounds like he might be slightly more attached than you are? Guys are notoriously bad texters so for him to initiate messages, text you back when you stop replying, he probably likes you a lot, maybe a bit more than you'd like for a friends with benefits situation. Do you guys frequently talk about things other than sex? If so, you probably should just bring it up just to make sure there are no misunderstandings. If all you ever talk about is sex, did you get home safe, and when can we meet up to have sex, then it's fine. friends with benefits can get muddy really fast, honestly it's easier to prevent attachments if you guys are somewhere between fuck buddies and friends with benefits. Like you can meet up to have dinner (go dutch) but the primary reason you guys hang out is to have sex. Once you start hanging out to just hang out and have fun because you enjoy each other's company, that's where you start getting into dangerous territory and someone might get attached.


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