So, I've only had one really serious boyfriend. and he was my only really REAL kiss. But, now I have a new boyfriend, and it's my first boyfriends best friend. O_O yea, I'm still not really sure how it happened. But before you say anything they're both okay with it. It was difficult at first but the three of us are still friends and every things still good.

Anyway, Um...I know this will seem kind of silly, but I'm really self conscious about kissing him! I get nervous thinking about it...Is it different, kissing someone else? I think the fact that their so close is making me nervous. Any tips? It's like a first kiss all over again, and I feel silly. But I was with my first boyfriend for over a year and a half, I didn't think I'd date again to be honest. I feel unprepared.


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  • Women, if they had a good first love, tend to keep a lot of the feelings, emotions, and memories. This sort of becomes a baseline for them if they move on to other interests kind of using them for tips on expectations, either going up or down or maybe learning something new or different.

    Kissing will probably feel weird since this guy knows your first love and you will have a lot of things going on in your mind and emotions when you do kiss. You should try to block this bad habit if it does happen. It will make things more difficult and hard to adjust or worse case desire to go back to your first love. Try kissing a different way, i.e. experiment and maybe you can find something different from your first love. This is called "changing the channel". Right now your feeling like your experiencing re-runs.

    • Him and my ex, -his best friend- aren't much alike. Which is why I'm nervous, its a completely different situation. His sexual side and everything is like opposite. I went from being with a really cuddly passive guy to a protective dominate guy. Also he just got out of a relationship a little before me, and as much as it's sort of killing me to admit it, I feel like I'm competing with the memories of his old flame.

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    • If you love him, just relax and take things slow. Let him know though, so your not giving him the impression of trying to blow him off or distancing yourself. Talk to him but, do not mention your ex when you try to explain, just tell it from a first-person point of view only-he will get jealous and this isn't good for starting out.

    • Makes sense, thanks

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  • see my avatar...

    see wiki how... how to kiss


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  • I'm no more experienced than you, but no matter where you look for answers, kissing comes naturally. Same as breathing.. Well not quite, but you know what I mean:') I'm totally on the same boat as you though, getting nervous because they're too close. All i'll say is just go for it, nothing good ever came out of hiding away and staying in your comfort zone.. Good luck xxx (Just avoid the whole 'washing machine' thing.. Not fun)