It was supposed to be a one time thing but we've come to like one another?

I met this guy on tinder. Super intelligent, currently in his final year as a physics phd candidate. He's unlike any guy i've met and honestly, never thought we would get along as much as we do. Of course the sexual chemistry is there but we also enjoy talking and hanging out. He's not sure where he will end up working after he's graduated, as he has been applying everywhere he can. So from the beginning, we agreed on this as a casual thing, not looking for a relationship. He has admitted that he likes me, and that he didn't imagine how well we get along, the fact that we can talk before or after sex and genuinely enjoy being together. I just don't want to get my heart broken. I don't expect us to start dating... Just the timing is so wrong. So wrong. I do like him, and of course, we are only starting to get to know one another. Him and his broke up last year in may, and they had been together for 6 years... So from 19 until 25. So that whole time, he was only with one person. Thats why he said in the beginning he isn't looking for anything serious but he's kind of giving me wrong signals.


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  • Let things happen naturally. Good chance he will move in a few months. You can evaluate then


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  • Maybe he liked it


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