Does this make me an asshole or a misogynist than I'm very cautious of women to the point where I assume that most of them (not all of them)?

will most likely just be an emotional and financial burden to me?

This is not to say that I hate women at all (I still love my mom and the vast majority of my female family members). I'm just saying that I'm very cautious of women, considering that the majority of young women (around my age group, from age 18-21) these days have this sense of entitlement for men (or society in general) to put them on a pedestal and, disregarding any financial hardship they may be currently going through. Also, a lot of those same type of women seem to be hardcore liberal radical feminists by social beliefs (that type of cancerous and stupid belief that poisoned many young western girls' minds to believe that they've accomplished more in history than men, believe they are above the male gender and to act like they should emasculate men to make themselves feel more "empowered").

Again, I'm not saying I hate women, I'm just being wary of them when it comes to dating. I'll still be polite and friendly to women as much as I can (unless they give me a good reason not to be) while minding my own business and keeping to myself.
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  • This doesn't make you an misogynist jerk. It just means you've allowed the internet and social media to make you feel paranoid about women.
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  • I'm kind of wary of dealing guys on that level too


What Guys Said 1

  • By definition yes it makes you misogynistic because that includes a mistrust of women but I don't assign a negative negative value judgment to misogyny. I think misogyny-specifically being skeptical of most women-is a completely rational viewpoint.


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