Do you think he's lying about his where abouts. Am I being needy?

Back story basically is that guy and I have been texting for a few days.
I thought he was lying/playing me so I told him I dont want to text and I'm bored.
We are supposed to meet soon but he says he's busy this week..
He said sorry for brushing me off but he's stressed out and thats why he's a bit spacey but other than that he really wants to meet me. He says he won't be so distant and will talk to me soon.
I didn't hear from him all day but in the afternoon he text me saying whats up.
I responded and he said he's driving stuck in traffic and sent a picture.
He said he just picked up his grandma and is at his moms house.
He hasn't responded in 3 hours.
Do you think he's with another girl and lying about his family health?
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  • Yes you're being needy


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