Actually approaching this girl, thinking about really doing it?

Well it started about 2 years ago when I started graduate school. I used to really hang out with these two girls (whom they also hang around this one guy a lot). She used to ask me if I wanted to join them, and I would go. The thing is I was to enthralled by her friend, and not really going after the one that used to ask me if I wanted to join them. Now almost 2 years later I have had my eyes opened to the girl not wanting to really hang out with me on my own. I have been wanting to ask her friend out which was the one that really ask me around them. The big thing now is she doesn't really ask me to hang around them, and she really hangs around this other guy and talks to him a lot. I have just been really scared to ask her out, because I feel like I should know her better (even though I don't just know the tip of the iceberg with her). On top of that, she doesn't really say much to me unless I go talk to her. In addition, it seems kind of hard to get her talking (but then again I have that with a lot of women). She will also sometimes talk to this other guy, which she seems like she talks to go with. She is the type of girl that probably doesn't really match my personality, because where as I don't drink and so forth and she does. I have a different religion, even though I think we both are Christians. I am just kind of nervous, because I don't want her to think I am desperate (even though I kind of feel that way sometimes being older and seeing all these people with a relationship and I am to nervous/scared of trying to get one. I am also scared to be lonely as well). So looking for some advice.
P. S. I should say I think she might be messing with the other guy, but not sure. I am just guessing by how close they seem.


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  • Don't ask her out. Odds are that she will reject you, even if she might have been into you. She could probably already tell that you were interested in her friend and trust me, no one wants to be the second choice.


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  • She knows you and is comfortable with you, so she would not be weirded out right away if you did ask her... but since it's been so long you should try to get back in touch with her instead of cold calling for a date. She invited you all the time before, so it won't be a big deal for you to reconnect.


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