Guys, Do you like when a woman is sweet?

I have this guy friend (I'm a girl) we've been friends for 3 years. We started hooking up and think he wants to date me but today he was at the gym where I work and he was joking "uuugh I just want to die. I'm just going to kill myself lol" I said "nooo please don't" and he joked "No one loves me 😩 My dog is the only one and she doesn't even talk. No one loves meeee" then he made the puppy dog face and I said "that's not true at all" but he didn't believe me. He's been joking about "dying and wanting to be killed by a sniper shot" a lot lately. So after he left I sent him this

"It hurts me when you joke about wanting to die/no one caring. I know it's just jokes but it's not funny. I'd really miss you 😢"

He replied "that's very sweet" and then made a joke and we then texted for a bit and he told me "its cathartic to talk that way bc it's so ridiculous" but my question is do men like when you're sweet to them or is that a turn off? Do you guys want bitches and women who are aloof?


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  • The thing is men, guys, boys like different stuff. To say do men or guys like this or that is void. Me personally I can use a sweet girl in my life. Especially if I all do be nice, was a gentleman, and sweet and caring before. So it's fair for her to return the favor. But however, how you did it was out of pity. He only wanted attention or verification and nothing more.

    • So I shouldn't have said what I said? It wasn't pitty, I just don't like him saying no one cares when I clearly do!

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    • That makes a lot of sense. It's funny you say childish bc everyone who knows him says he's incredibly emotionally immature. I don't think he's playing with my emotions but I think you're right, he wants to see how I feel about him without asking. Thank you! And yes I did play right into the childish behavior 😔

    • Uh-huh, now little miss piggy, what have we learned. But anyway. Your welcome lady, 👊

  • The girl I like is so sweet and friendly... and I can't stop thinking about her. Her attitude and personality is great, I can easily imagine a long term relationship with her.

    How did you two start becoming more than friends?

    • He invited me out with his friends and then he invited me to Thanksgiving with him. There he said "Stacy is the only girl I actually really like talking to and respect" and at one point he told me he had a soft spot for me" that night we ended up hooking up and we decided to continue

    • Wow, it's possible I've said that about her on occasion, I know I at least think it. I definitely want to date her but am concerned about our friendship.

      So, it's very likely he wants to date you and this is his way of getting your attention.

    • Thanks! That really helps to know that you've said the same thing about the girl you really like. If this might be his way of getting my attention then did the text I sent to him convey that?

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