What are some fun casual date/hangout ideas (and who pays in this situation)?

Part 1: Cheesiest post I've ever made. But yeah, friend's coming to visit (from another continent) for 1-2 weeks around our one year mark of talking online and I was wondering what are some chill things we could do. I almost never leave the house so most of my plans revolve around getting food in the middle of the night. Again, casual stuff. I already have big activities in mind but I don't want every day to be hectic.

Part 2: Lame confession - I've never been on a legit date before. If I plan/book the activities, who pays for that + random stuff like food? Dude is considerably richer than me. I don't mind paying but he also likes feeling manly by paying for stuff. Someone teach me date finances.


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  • You have 1-2 weeks so you have pretty good amount of time.
    On finances issue, do not care about it. if he insists on paying then let him do it but before that do mention that if he is willing to split up but since he will meet you for the first time and you are the host so it is kind of formality for you to pay for him.

    Now things that you can do:
    1. Go to a good place which is local and you are sure he wouldn't have eaten it before or something that can be new for him.
    2. show him local places along with tourist places in your city.
    3. go for a walk with him or have a picnic in a park.
    4. you can visit a bar for drinks but make sure the place is not noisy.
    5. Go for a movie (considering 2 week stay)
    6. At home - you can show your drawings, cook some food, netflix, talk about your life and his life.
    7. you can go for shopping with him too lol
    that's all I can think of right now:)

    • I was thinking pay for all the activities we're going to do which will end up being somewhat expensive in total and he pays for food/date type stuff if he insists? That way I still pay the bulk of the cost and he gets to feel manly by paying in public haha
      Thanks for the ideas! Definitely gonna try food he's never had before. We both hate clubs/bars but just for the experience we plan on going once and pretending I'm pregnant so people feel very weird when I'm getting wasted lmao

    • hahaha that will be funny.
      what activities have you planned for him?

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  • Part 1: Since he is coming from another continent, I assume he will want to see the country he is coming to. So get on the internet and figure out what tourists go to see that is around where you are. And then filter that to down to what you think is interesting and is cost-friendly. Other fun stuff that can be cheap, find a place on the map that gives you a little drive that has great food and/or atmosphere. Depending on weather: picnics are good, hikes are good, beautiful drives are good, etc. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about what is around you too. So enjoy it. :)

    Part 2: As a rule of thumb, I think when in a long distance relationship (LDR), it is your obligation to pay if they come to you. Just like it should be their obligation to pay, if you come to see them. The reason being is that they have already put expense into coming to see you: the expense to see you and the expense of accommodations, if they aren't staying with you. So I think you should plan on paying for any dates.

    If he suggests doing something that is out of your price range, you should just tell him that you can not do that since it is too pricey for you. And suggest an alternative.

    How exciting that you guys are finally going to meet. :)

    Don't worry about never being on a legit date before. Most people really haven't or if they have, they were not worth writing home about. lol!

    Have fun. I would love to hear how it went, if you care to share it.

    Good luck to you. :)

    • Thanks for the advice! What do you think about the option I told another guy, where I pay for activities where it will end up being expensive and he pays for small things (hopefully he offers :P) such as food or little dates so he doesn't feel weird about a younger girl paying? I seriously don't know how money in relationships work hahah
      Yeah I'll def tell you about it if you're interested :)

    • About your option of paying for activities where it will end up being expensive and he pays for small things such as food or little dates, I think you should plan on paying for all it. Not that I think you will end up paying for all of it, but I think you should plan activities based on your ability to pay for everything. Assume you are paying and plan what you are going to do from there.

      Anything outside of what you planned, let him know that you would not be able to afford it and go from there.

      I doubt he is going to let you pay for everything. My advice is assume you will be paying and plan accordingly.

      And yes, please let me know how it went. I will be interested to know.

      Have fun and good luck. :)

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  • Bowing, go-carting, paintball, play catch, mini golf (I like that one), (even though Iv never been in a date), gotto a small ice cream shop, I don't know where you live but you could goto a water park or go skiing/snowboarding And in my opinion It's chivalrous for men to pay the bill.

  • Let him pay the first date but then u can pay the next date or just start going dutch. You guys could go to the beach, on a hike, go to the movies, play mini golf I don't know i thought this would be common sense for everybody lol

  • I typically pay for stuff, even if I'm a guest. or at the very least I offer/persist.

    As for stuff you could do, it depends on where you are.

    • Lol @ your username
      I'm in Canada and it's going to be devil's anus hot at the time

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    • Haha where did you get March from
      Its going to be June-ish

    • I thought he was coming sooner than that

  • Which country/continent is he from? It depends a lot on his culture.

    • I think you should pay for everything since he's your guest. Insist on paying and explain to him that he's your guest so you pay. If he fights you over it, pretend to go to the bathroom and pay the tab before he can. If he's really offended by you paying, let him pay but not for everything.

  • bowling, he does


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