Why was he rubbing his hand on the top of his thigh?

Before choir tonight... this guy was being asked questions. He was talking to a lady... and was sitting in his chair. He told me hi earlier when he passed me to get to his chair... so he knew I was listening. He was talking to the lady about how he is going to play the piano at his friend's wedding this weekend. At one point I had turned around and looked at him trying to listen to him talk. He was mostly looking at the older lady he was talking to... but at one point he was rubbing his right hand on his thigh. (It was a medium pace). I've seen him stroke his thigh like that before. Both other times I've seen him do that he was sitting close to me. Is this a sign that he was uncomfortable about what he was talking about? (His friend's wedding) Or is this a sign he was nervous because I was sitting there and then I turned around and looked at him when he was talking? He has not been able to look me in the eyes at times and looks at me when I'm not looking at him... even when we are sitting in the choir loft at church... I'll see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I don't have much experience. Help?


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  • usually something like that can be a sign of either nervousness or thoughtfulness. as for him not wanting to make eye contact, some people are shy and non-confrontational. especially in a church.
    if you're interested in him, and he obviously talked to you, let him know, and be obvious about it. one of the worst thing women do is don't say what they feel or mean. a guy will never read your mind. even if he thinks you're giving signals, he won't know for certain, and that's enough to make a guy clam up.

    • if you're really interested, ask him if he's got a date to the wedding.

    • I caught him staring several times. Once he didn't look away until someone else said someting to me and I looked away. That was before Christmas. I gave him my number in a Christmas card but never has called me. He said he zoned out, was so sorry & didn't realize he was staring the next time I saw him. In February... he was staring at me when the preacher was talking one Sunday evening. He was behind me when we came out of the church and was staring with his mouth open when I turned to talk to him. At one point in the convo he asked if I was busy. I said no not really. I just crochet. He asked what I was making? Who is it for? He didn't say why he wanted to know if I was busy. I'm shy too but I think he has been giving me hints. It's in another state. I have never flown in my life. His other friend and roomate (the choir director) is getting married in July. I've already RSVPd for that. He is a groomsman in that wedding. We will be at two different tables most likely.

    • see if you can change it. I'm sure you know who is setting it up. they'd probably be happy to unintentionally put your seats together. if you're willing to get past your aversion to travel and you like him, I'd ask about this wedding anyways. the worst he says is he's already got a date. you may be able to get the information you want out of him through starting that conversation, even if you tell him you couldn't make it because it is so far away.

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