Guys, How soon do you add family of your girlfriend on Facebook, Instagram etc?

Background - chatting to guy online for month. Intense first 2 weeks then conversation seems less. Asked me out valentines but was too much pressure. We rescheduled for another weekend. Ended up rescheduling again.

When I tried to firm up plans, he flaked on the rescheduled date. Said he was now seeing someone - someone who he "unexpectedly" got serious with on his course... whose parents and sister already follow him/are friends with him on social media... and his match. com profile and facebook are constantly toggling between visible and invisible. Hmmmm. Thanks for all the help though!

He is clever with no pics of him and girls online. Very little commenting. But I can see they knew one another since Sept and commented on vids etc. 3 weeks is too soon to add the parents right?


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  • Yeah, it is too soon. They most likely had prior history that he didn't tell you about. Personally I don't add her family at all, but that's just me lol, if they want to add me they're welcome to though.

    • It definitely doesn't add up that it happened suddenly and he's added them this weekend! Thansk for the help.

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  • What the hell is with gag members putting so much goddamn sentiment into instagram? Seriously? Every other post "blah blah ig blah blah does she love me" "blah blah blah boyfriend ig girl is he cheating" "blah fucking blah ig family blah blah awkward situation"

    Do you people live on instagram? I'm genuinely curious of the infatuation and stakes you lot have with a stupid picture posting site.


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