Guys, would it bother you if your girlfriend is only studying full time with no job?

Im currently studying a combined degree full time and I quit my job last year. This is my last semester. Would it bother you if your girlfriend doesn't have a job at the moment? Im with my boyfriend for couple of months now and he has talked to me about finding a job soon which I am currently looking..
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  • If you've only been with your boyfriend a couple of months, then why does he need to be that into your personal life that he demands you get a job? No, a woman going to study isn't what would bother most men.

    However, I remember a scenario my brother went through when a woman quit her job to focus on her art, which he was fine with, he even thought it was really cool and free-spirited. Then she proceeded to move into his apartment, demand he get a second job to support her and began belittling and emasculating him in public, because he alone couldn't provide her with the lifestyle she was used to. She cheated on him when he couldn't provide what she demanded. Anecdotal and extreme, yes, but there are no shortage of women who will leave their man when they feel is no longer giving them the life-style they are accustomed to, taking a rather passive role or disregarding their own role in providing that for themselves.

    Now I'm not saying that every woman who quits their job is a gold-digging monster, but what I am saying is that in our society women are conditioned to expect certain things from a man. Sometimes these things just aren't realistic due to the way our society has changed. The cost of living has been adjusted to assume that two adults are working in any given household. Being a non-working woman is now a privilege only afforded to those who marry/date wealthy. Make sure, going into this, that you understand your lifestyle is going to change, things are probably going to get difficult for a little bit and don't expect him to just "pick up the slack" where you dropped it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If he isn't supporting you, I don't know why he should have a say. Especially if you are still a new couple.

    My parents always told me that my education was my job. Depending on the school term I added on part time work or volunteering.

    Don't over stress yourself with more than you can handle to make him happy. Not to mention that you would have much less free time to put into your relationship anyway.


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  • if you're gonna get better salary job then I'll not ask you to do both

  • no why should it bother me?


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