Do you have a crush on someone and are in a relationship at the same time?

I crushed on this supercute popular guy (called Angus Murray aka. my username) a year older than me for 2 years before I found his instagram account. I followed him and he followed me back. Before that, he dropped lots of signs that he liked me and we even held hands. We were close to kissing about 8 months before that too. I liked every single one of his pics and he liked one of two of my selfies. I told him via message that i liked him and he never responded. Then, his sister 3 years older than him said as a comment on one of his pics that I was in love and started teasing me about it. I kind of said no and denied it then said 'well I guess he's kinda cute' and then he sent me and my friends a group message in the 'Friend Group' that I added him to: "I'm two years older than you! Get a life! I'm NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!!!" and blocked me. He also blocked my friends. I messaged him almost two months later on a different account and tried to forget what had happened. When we started chatting, I thought everything was going to be fine; but then he blocked that account. At Christmas three months later I saw him telling him best friend about me. He blushed and started staring at me when he saw me staring at him. About 3 weeks ago, he said that he was really sorry and to forget what he said: he didn't mean it. I said thanks and I was really happy. I've seen him a couple of times since and he has been friendly, but there hasn't been many oppurtunities for talking. Today I found him email address and sent him a quick email but what do I do now?


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