Girls, Going from work to a date... how to smell and look good?

so im meeting a guy for the first time tomorrow after work. i dont have time to go home and have a shower, redo hair and makeup etc etc. but i dont want to look or smell bad! any tips for making the transition from work to date easily without having to go home first?


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  • Take a shower immediately before work. If you're not doing manual labor, odds are that you won't smell bad after work. Keep a deodorant in your bag and freshen up before meeting him. As for make-up, you're only 25-29, which means that you don't need a shitload of stuff in order to look good. Apply a little mascara and eye-pencil/eye-liner. Use a little blush on your cheeks and wear a lipstick that compliments your skin complexion. That will only take around 3 minutes -or at least that's the amount of time that it takes me-.
    You can use your work's bathroom to get ready before the date. If your hair looks like a mess, you can't go wrong with a high ponytail.


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