I think I'm in love? But it's never gonna happen?

I'll try to keep things short but I have had feelings for a guy in my Italian class for a year now and I just can't get him out of my head. No matter how hard I try and how many other interesting people I meet I'll always go back to thinking of him.

The thing is I'm almost sure he has no romantic interest in me and I'm too shy to ask him. I've been giving these subtle hints but they're honestly too subtle I wouldn't blame him for not picking them up. I was planning on avoiding him as much as I could without being a bitch but last night I found out all other students in our class quit and now it'll be just the two of us for an entire semester. Honestly it's killing me. I want to get over him. Please help?


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  • best way to get over him is to get close to him, be friends... when ur at a distance and at the same time stuck so close together (only people in class) it's hard to get over that way cause there will always a portion of u dragging u back towards that way... so best way to do it get to know him as a friend and jst keep it that way cause over time that affection is gonna go away since ur getting to know the person instead of jst liking him from the sidelines!

    • This is actually very good advice. I hope you're right. Thanks!

    • well really hope it works for you ^^ and if need more you know where to get more advices :)

  • I say jump him like the proud lioness you are

    • Hahahahahah that crossed my head so many times -- we're both in STEM so we go to a lot of the same college parties and seeing him there is just... But I don't wanna assault anyone and as I said I don't think he's interested or ever thought of me that way. I have to either make a move or get over him but it seems I can do neither

    • Hmmmm well I still say go for him. What is there to lose?

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  • Work things to your advantage. He might not have seen you as a potential interest, but you have time to turn things around. Now that there's only going to be just the two of you, you could try getting closer to him. Do you consider yourself attractive, Asker?

    • Yeah I do think I'm attractive. I mean I'm no supermodel but I'd say I have an above average face and a pretty body. But he's in fact very attractive and the whole package -- his looks, his intelligence, his sociablity, the age difference (he's 3 years older) -- makes me insecure. Ahhhh I don't know...

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    • He's currently single (he got out of a long term relationship last June) but I think he might be seeing someone. I'm guessing they're friends who mess around with each other sometimes because I see them together at parties, but he told me he was single. Do you think I'd embarrass myself if I tried to get closer/flirtier to him?

    • No, of course not. On contrary, I think he will be very flattered.

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