Does he like me?

So I've been talking w this new guy, and we've been flirting a lot.. our first date is this weekend... our recent convo he told me how he was starving after working on his car and I said "bet you wish you had some of my food ;)"

Him: Why must you torture me, devil woman!!
(Few min goes by and he texts again lol)
Him: I was just kiddin! Why'd you disappeareded?
Me: Bc you're a meanie 😋😉nazi... jew... devil woman. what's next?
Him: Maybe I have a thing for Nazi Jew Devil women who have curly hair lol

what do you guys think? & by the way the Jew comment was really when he tried to use it in a "sexy Spanish voice" telling me I was pretty lol but I busted his balls again
***what is something cute I can say back to his last text now? 😊


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