Bad kisser... but great everything else?

For folks in their 30s and 40s. Been on a few dates with a nice guy who has his life together (great career, owns 2 homes, 2 cars, is nice, respectful, a clean freak like me, and we even share the same birthday!). He also is a single parent to a child near my own's age. He is going to retire early. Sounds great, right?

I finally invite him to my home for dinner. He admits he's VERY emotionally fragile since his divorce. He goes in for a kiss later... it's SOOO awkward. I tried giving the benefit of the doubt and worked with him for 10 minutes but it was more clinical for me at that point, and I didn't get aroused at all. Kissing is very important to me, and I'm afraid that the bedroom performance will be equally sub-par. He said he gets emotionally attached very easily, so I think if we ever did have sex, he'd probably latch on to me. If his bedroom performance sucks, I'd ditch him because I'm pretty emotionally distant like that and great sex is very important to me.

What would you do? Continue seeing him? Ditch him now to spare his feelings?


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  • Well girl, we can't figure this out for you. But if he's "fragile" and falls too easily, we may be looking at other insecurities and red flags.

  • Teach him how to do it how you like it. Could be sexy


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